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cedar point. [13 Aug 2002|11:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yesterday i went to CEDAR POINT with JUJU, his friend MORGAN, and MOE'S woman SARA, it was awesome! i had to be at work today at 5:30 AM. which sucked ass but i was ok.

MOE meet us at JU's house then he drove back to his house in WADSWORTH so we drove back out there. and then SARA said something about discounted tickets via AAA. $31 bucks...not bad.

i didn't feel good all the way up there so i was under a blanket and dosed off several times. we first rode MILLENIUM FORCE. it was supposed to be a 2 hour wait but it was a little over an hour and a half. it's the tallest faster coaster in the US. it kicked sooo much ass. i was a little nervous at first but once it started moving there was no turning back.

afterwards JU wanted to ride POWER TOWER but wasn't feeling good so he chickened out and i didn't want to ride by myself so MOE and SARA rode it. we rode the SKY RIDE back up to the front and went and ate lunch.

after lunch we came in and decided to work our waya round the park. we went and got in line for the indoor coaster...DISASTER TRANSPORT. it was air conditioned and in 3D. we were waiting and all the effects went off and you didn't hear the ride anymore. just as we went to leave you heard it again then everything went black. and then came back on. it was fun fun stuff. we sat in front on that,

MOE and i decided that we wanted to ride WICKED TWISTER, so we did. it was awesome too. we got off and got FREE WAY stamps for 9-10...(you wait in line so you don't have to wait inline later...only we didn't have to wait.)

then we went and rode the MAGNUM and the go karts and then went to MEAN STREAK...which JU sat out on so i rode by myself. we went to ride THUNDER CANYON and we did...but the waterfalls didn't work so we stayed dry.

JU won me a purple rhino...it's cute.. i also bought a rainbow wallet to match my old stering wheel cover and JU found me lei for my car. since it's all hawaiian.

SARA and i made our own candles. we got to dip them in wax colors. i bought my mom this ice cream one that was in a can. it's awesome. it's hazelnut and i bought my a little blueberry one.

MOE, SARA, and i rode RAPTOR...someone puked as we got on so we had to get off. and it was sooo funny watching them clean it up. it was pretty fun. i got a big ole/ headache because of the stop at the end. but i was ok.

MOE and I rode WICKED TWISTER again, via or FREE WAY. we sat in the very bacl and when it went up backwards,,,you seen everything! after that we all got pretzels and ate then were going to ride the MILLENIUM again but JU didn't want to and neither did i because it was a long line again....so we rode MANTIS...i tell you, i'm not having kids for a while now...LOL.

my back feels burnt alot. i kept falling asleep at work...i'm looking for a new job. fun fun.
i hate holland ho!

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[10 Aug 2002|01:40am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

What's Your Movie Dream Car?

by Auto Glass America
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[09 Aug 2002|02:08am]
it's 2:07 AM, i just got home from CHRISSIE'S and guess what...

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[01 Aug 2002|02:14pm]
did everyone find me who needed too? LOL. damn, i was popular yesterday,
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all-american week [23 Jul 2002|01:44am]
[ mood | tired ]

well, it today...errr...yesterday started ALL AMERICAN WEEK for all the SOAP BOX DERBY kids. everyone keeps asking me if i'm going to work down there...HELL NO! it's ALWAYS the hottest week of the year. maybe i'll stop down for the AKRON LOCAL champs at the race on SATURDAY but i'm not driving out to camp or going to the track till then. i'm going to try and go down to the AERO'S game they go too. some NEW YORK firefighters are going to be there thanking AKRON for all their help and the firetruck we sent during 9-11. i have no reason to be there because no one is there. last year JEN was in it so i was there.

BECKY and STEPH both mailed me and asked if i was going to the lockin AUG4. i'm going to try my bestest. i'll let you all know soon, well this weekend when i get my schedule. i talked to BECKY for a bit and she agreed that we need to go skating and take a buncha pictures. we haven't done it in forever. well, me since STEPH'S birthday party. eeek. even if we went to aother rink. i miss that too. with CHARIDY (my best friend who's in the army) and MIKE LONG (he was my best friend til he got looked up).

AUG10th, i'm going to WRIGHT PATTERSON with my dad, and mom, and RUTH (dad's friend and my former co-worker), and a buncha other people and yeah. my dad's good friend KIWI is coming to stay with us too. he's from NEW ZEALAND. he almost got my dad arrested last year at this convention at CLEVELAND-HOPKINS AIRPORT. it was all over PIZZA HUT too. LOL! he's really funny from what i heard so i'm super excited for him to come.

i spent money today...errr....yesterday. i bought a dress...YES A DRESS. it's super cute. it's black with pink ruffles. it's cute, i'll get pics. i bought some lightup fuzzy dice for my car...i bought red fuzzy dice ( i bought them before i , i bought a bra and panty set, and i bought a web cam, but unfortunetly, i can't get it focused or good enough light. i don't know what to do.

i took a bath and shaved my legs. i was quite a hairlball.

i filled my car up with gas. i had a quarter of a tank and it took 17 dollars! if you read my manual, it says i have a 16 quart tank...if my metrics are right, thay means i'd only have an 8 gallon tank. LOL. something is messed up because gas was 1.39 a gallon and i put 17 in...so i must have a 13-20 gallon tank...i'm thinking a 16 gallon.

oh well, i'm out like a fat girl in dodge ball...it's nye nye time...! *mwah

BECKY, i mention you all the time...like now...heheheheh.

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[22 Jul 2002|10:14pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Lance is my ideal NSYNC sex partner

who's your ideal NSYNC sex partner? find out here

unnecessary quiz by mmmmmriley

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tehehehehe [21 Jul 2002|02:26am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

anyone who reads this...please remind me to do somethings weither you call me or mail me or see me...

1-pay on my VISA
2-pay on my BEST BUY card
3-get my plates for me car before AUG 14th.
4-order some shirts, shoes, and jeans from ALLOY.

just incase i forget.

tonight at work was alright. i was busy inside. JERREMY from NORTON worked the LOTTO shift. he's my buddy. he's worked there before. on his 24th birthday, he bought me pizza. i'm the only one who likes him at my store. hehehe. he told me what instants to pick one time and i won 50 bucks...gave him 15 then i won 2 more, then another 50. we have a weird relationship. like, we really love each other, but we really hate each other. it's nothing for us to rip on each other. but tonight it was more of a touchy feely thing. i'd walk by and shove my arm into him and he'd walk by and poke my sides. he kept doing it one time. or he'd grad by shoulder. he grabbed my shoulders and rubbed...gave me a mini massage. felt good. it was just wierd because he's never been that touchy towards me. oh well..

tomorrow err...today, i get my car detailed. i work 11-3:30....fun fun.

BLAKE almost ran my ass over the other night. i was cleaning up a gas spill and he comes like a bat outta hell. i felt bad for leaving work early because he was going to go riding with me...oh well. scary stuff.

that dog, FRANK, in MEN IN BLACK 2 was hilarious. he was singing I WILL SURVIVE...i was laughing so hard i was crying...hehehe. it wasn't as good as the first but JOHNNY KNOXVILLE, my hero was in it.

i took my shower. JOHN is hot. i guess BECKY gave him my screen name and STEPH gave him my PICTURE TRAIL and he thought i was hot so that's cool because i think he's hot and i think also think that next summer they'll all have to go back to FLORIDA and i'll have to come with them. oh yeah, SEAN is hot too. (happy now?)

nye nye time. *mwah!

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whatthehellever. [21 Jul 2002|01:06am]
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another one bites the dust.... [19 Jul 2002|05:24pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

i would have updated sooner, cause i was going to then CHRISSIE called me on my cell so i got offline to talk to her.....ANYWAY.

work is alright. it's been a rough rough two weeks. JAMES didn't show up last FRIDAY (the 12th). like, he didn't call, or walk in, or come in or nothing...soooo i got screwed into staying on drive-thru. (and for those of you who read this and those who don't...i don't work at a fast food place. i work at a HOLLAND OIL...a gas station...i'm the assistant there...i'm fucking 18.) HEATHER (the girl i was working with paged MARY (the manager) who was at HARTVILLE KITCHEN. she came and stayed till 10. i was sooo thankful. we were sooooo busy. i couldn't ask her to stay longer because she had to be back by 5:30 AM. well, he later called...he got arrested for driving without insurance and a suspended liscence for the FIFTH time. dumb ass.

BRIAN called off MONDAY. i had to come in because she couldn't fine anyone else. it sucked because i was up till 2 the night before...work up at 5, spent all morning at the airport and was sick to my stomach. soo, i was pissed but managed.

BRIAN didn't show up or call TUESDAY and i just said fuck it. i wasn't staying for him. i didn't. that is fucking retarded. you're 19, yo have a kid...grow up! MARY was pissed because i wouldn't stay but she had tis DAVE guy from NORTON come work. ha, he got a work out. he told us that his store only has 12 drops when they close...! we do atleast 40 a night. LOL.

LAST NIGHT...JAMES came in high or drunk. there was a gang chilling in the parking lot...just ugh. i worked 9-4:30 drive thru but MICHELLE'S grandpa died so i came back in at 9 till 12:30 to close so she could go home. ANYWAY, JAMES tells the gang to leave...next thing you know, he's babbling shit. i asked him to stock my walk'in cooler. he was like "I DID! I DID IT! SEE MY WRIST! I PUNCHED OUT THE BITCH'S WINDOWS!!!" i'm like "what?" i guess he punched out his ex's car windows because she pissed him off. by calling his cell phone. damn. his ex drives a 2002 ALERO. nice fucking car. well, the cops came, went straight behind the counter to him and BOBBIE. they both lied to the cops so i'm tripping out...because i don't want to be a sel out but it's really none of my business, yeah.

I GOT A CAR FINALLY!!!....a 90 grand prix LE. it's nice. it goes fast. i tried to get it going on the INTERBELT but totally forgot about going fast when i got on.

i went up and seen CHRISSIE for alittle bit last night, i took BOBBIE home then flew up there. i left at 3 AM...LOL. JASON (her boyfriend) was home. he has this fantasy of me and CHRISSIE. dude, we're cousins. i guess he said something to her about my chest. JASON couldn't remember what he said and i wanted to know what they were talking about. she goes..."something was pretty." and i'm like...what's pretty?" she's like "PERKY!!"

oh well, JU's sis JEN is in FLORIDA...

i got to go...got to get changed for the movie tonight, MIB2. fun fun.

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update...dun dun dun. [12 Jul 2002|01:28am]
soo...i haven't updated and i can't remember everything so...since i last updated...

*i hit a skunk driving and killed it. i bawled my ass off. i felt terrible. it didn't even know it was gonna die. LOL

*i got promoted to assistant manager. hooray!

*had a surprise graduation party! like JUNE 16th.

*got denied on my dream car. WHAT THE FUCK ELSE IS NEW!!!!

*realized that JOHN who STEPHY and BECKY went to FLA with is HOT...yum yum.

*been found by MIKE LONG.

*drama drama drama

*turned down a job at PINKERTON security...STUPID ME!!!

*stupid people...at work, at school, at play...

*fighting...me and JU. i've managed to break up with him like twice...LOL

*went to the eye doctor

*realized my cousin BECCA was a scary obsession with SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.

*seen SCOOBY DOO. it sucked.

*called about EMT training.

*more drama drama drama.

*realized i'd like to try being a comedian.

*realized just how lucky i am with certain things...like at the fireworks here in town. (more to come on that.)

*Roger's CANADIAN woman LORI.


*local banquet at GOODYEAR...

*INDIANS game vs. DIAMOND BACKS and me almost dying thanks to JU wanting to stand on the home run deck and me being half asleep and fucking ELLIS BURKS hitting a home run.

just tons of stuff.
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[12 Jul 2002|12:37am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

what the fuck?

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quiz...yum. [12 Jul 2002|12:35am]
[ mood | giddy ]

i found some quizzes thanks to STEPHY!!!...oh yeah...sorry no updates...

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

What Flavor Icecream Are You?
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dude...fuck this shit. [16 Jun 2002|12:21pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

What do people say behind your back? Find out @ digitalcharisma

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i'm too sexy for my shirt...*LOL [14 Jun 2002|05:00pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

~Find Your Inner Supermodel~
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monday monday [11 Jun 2002|01:27am]
[ mood | sick ]

JUJU and I took JEN to CHAPEL HILL and bought lots of stuff. i brought a bra from VICTORIA'S SECRET sale, 3 OLD NAVY flag shirts and a pair of shorts...bought the new EMINEM cd and some socks...hehhehe..

but, i'm going to bed now that i've updated everything...i don't feel good.

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SUNDAY... [11 Jun 2002|01:18am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

i had to get up early and go get JUJU because guess what loyal readers...the transmission on their van blew...AGAIN! it was the local for the masters race so we had to go because JEN (JU's sister) was racing. she was just racing in his old car for numbers. i go to catch her in run out because STEVE and KAREN get her all worked up. 6 cars...and you have to finish in the top 8 for a trophy...LOL. you need 6 cars to have a race.....but you have 8 places...ok...whatever now. JEN took 6th.

TROY (JU's cousin) came. he was picking on me. he caught her in run out the last time. he was there after i came back from runout after her first run and i just kept forgetting to tell her. LOL.

some other people came, GRAMMA and ROGER and SHERRI (my new favorite aunt) and AMBER....*cough* VICKI and her man and his family. yeah.....ok.

it was an interesting day, i'll put it to everyone that way.

i had to work at 3 and my help for the night...BRIAN....called off. he's worked there a week or 2 longer then me and has called off atleast 10 times. his ass...would be fired if it were me. i was sooo busy and there was no one there to help me or run for me. UGH! it was ok, JOYCE came back at 10 and cleaned and counted the rest of everything for me. i was happy about that.

BLAKE came in to see me. well, not to see me but to buy some ice cream. he is such a sweet<3 though. he calls me brat and calls me by my name. aww. i asked him if he was going to bring me an ice cream cone. he was like "fuck the cone, i'll go home abd get some spoons and we'll chill out here." lol. he stopped back up with BRANDON and when they walked in i was like "where's my ice cream BLAKE?" BRANDON grabs his crouch and goes..."RIGHT HERE BABY!" it was funny. BRANDON and RYAN went to WINDSOR CANADA to drink over the weekend. when BLAKE came in the first time i told him to tell BRANDON i went out without him. so BRANDON said something as they were leaving. fun fun. i <3 them boys. hehhehe.

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stupid SATURDAY. [11 Jun 2002|12:59am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

i went out to DERBY DOWNS to watch the suburban local. i went to see ASHLEY because this was her year. she's always....ALWAYS came in second.

i hung out on the bridge with JUJU's dad...(yay...i was important....LOL.) and to make a long story short...ASHLEY lost. she didn't take second or third...she took FIFTH. her dad DENNIS...my "boyfriend" (inside joke) was like talking to himself. ASH is a hell of a driver. it's ok though.

we <3 you ASHLEY!

i didn't get to watch her because i had to go to work. i got paid to leave work.. leave work..LOL. JOYCE told me to take JAMES home. since i was going out i asked BRIAN and MICHELLE if they wanted any food because pizza was getting old. MICHELLE didn't wat anything so i got me and BRIAN burger king. yay. fun fun night.

STEPHY POOH'S graduation party was that night too. actually SUNDAY morning. JUJU and i went for a little bit. it was soo fun. there were alot of people there i didn't expect or have seen in a while. JAMESON, PAT SHINE, fucking JUSTIN BERLIN...he's fucking hilarious. he came over and took my bowling ball from me. i was mad. i need a really light bowling ball because it's not that i'm weak...i just can't control anything bigger. i normally use a 6 or 8. i prefer a 6 but sometimes the holes are too small...but anyway...JUSTIN and i fought over it. lol. him and JAMESON started wrestling the next lane over...that was funny. most of us were bowling in our socks. there was good food thanks to STEPHY'S MOM...soo....STEPH..tell her i said YUM YUM...LOL. BECKY and i hung out...she got a new man....oooh lala. he's pretty cool. GOOD JOB BECKY!!! oh yeah...sorry i couldn't make it to your party. STEPH kept walking around and checked up on everyone which was really cool. she did a good job.

fucking....JUJU's aunt. ugh. i will NOT talk to her. their dog died so she went and got a new one. a rotweiler/lab mix...it was 7 months old. they had it a week. VICKI (his aunt] went and had the dog put to sleep because she couldn't fucking handle it. that is soo lame. JUJU told me that and i about went through the roof. i was ready to drive out there and kick her ass. first of all, the dog was too big...well HELLO?!?! look what kind of dog it is. second, it was too hyper....it's a FUCKING PUPPY!! she doesn't put her daughter AMBER to sleep because she's got ADHD. that was an innocent dog. it did nothing to them. she got it for free and didn't even call the people she got it from to see if they would take it back. BUT, she KNEW where they lived. bull shit. she could have called me and my parents...after all, my parents only work for an animal rescue organization. the funny thing is...she went and got a little jack russell which is a hyper dog that barks alot. stupid. UGH!

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this is how we do it...it's FRIDAY NIGHT. [11 Jun 2002|12:16am]
[ mood | giggly ]

just to clarify...this entry is about FRIDAY. *LOL.

i decided i wanted my hair highlighted so i had to go to SALLY'S and get the bleach and lifter. i almost got tripped walking in the door by this kid. why? ROLLING ACRES or STROLLING AFROS or whatever. he reached out and grabbed my leg. and yes, he WAS old enough to know better.

JUJU's mom did my hair and my cell phone starts ringing. (oh yeah, by the way, i got one now. LOL.) i answered it and the call was lost and then it rang again and it was CHRISSIE which was really wierd because i never gave her the number. i called her after i was done and told her i was going home to take a shower because my hair was icky because of all the conditioner in it. she said she'd be over about in about a hour. she came over and swooped me up and we went out. i called KEVIN because he was been wanting to do something so we (me, CHRISSIE, KEV, and this dude named JOHN...) went to ANGEL FALLS. it's a cafe...it's a gay cafe. so i got a caramel mocha which was kinda good...and CHRISSIE got a steamer and so did KEVIN, only with an extra shot, and JOHN, yeah, got a green apple smoothie.

GINA called KEV's phone because he invited her without saying anything to us and she got lost. we all tried to tell her how to get there but yeah...she wasn't listening. SOOOO, we decided to go get her and chill where she was at...COCKTAILS. meanwhile, JUJU calls me. he was like "what are you doing?" i went out because he was at the INDIANS game with his dad. he asked me about going to DERBY DOWNS saturday and told me to meet him there at 6. i said "how can i meet you there at 6 when i work 2 to 9?" then we got into it because i supposedly told him i didn't have to work and i know i didn't. i told him i didn't have to work SUNDAY till the afternoon. so he's yelling at me, and i'm yelling at him and CHRISSIE is yelling at both of us...she was yelling at us then saying stupid shit like "I got coffee up my nose and no one cares...." LOL.. but it's ok now.

CHRISSIE is a firm believer of the speed limit...KEV.....is a lead foot. she kept bitching about it. "dude, he's a lead foot. he's going to get pulled over. dude, i can't blast my system because of all the cops..." next thing you know...he comes a cop with lights and sirens and shit right behind us then he flew past us, got back in front of us. CHRISSIE was like "there going after KEVIN" just joking... that cop got right behind KEVIN and me and CHRISSIE are tripping and then he turns off his lights and turns. i called KEVIN and he was shitting his pants because he's had his lisence suspended twice.

CHRISSIE and i drove with KEV to COCKTAILS but then we left. we were going to go to DENNY'S to eat but they were packed. so we went to WAL-MART. i needed eye drops.

we kept running into DANIEL (CHRISSIE'S brother). it was sooo funny.

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[07 Jun 2002|01:21am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i choppy my hair off. *sniff* it's shoulder length with layers. it looks real good. i'm getting it re-highlighted tonight. it's hard to put up in a ponytail. i used to be able to bend over and swoop it all up but now i can't. :*( i actually have to brush it up now.

works alright. one of the twins (BRANDON) and the younger one (BLAKE) stopped in and were heading to a party. i wore my glasses today because it was a crap day and BRANDON is like "i didn't know you were glasses..." i was like "yep." i told them how i seen the other twin, their brother RYAN who drives a JEEP wednesday. it was raining like hell and he pulled in and was trying to put the roof and windows on his jeep...it was funny...and then we started talking about clubs and i told him i go to COCKTAILS to drink and BABYLON to dance...both gay clubs...but...I'M STRAIGHT and him and BLAKE are going off on me, "DON'T GO TO BABYLON. THE OWNER IS AN ASS," so finally i said "fine...then you two come get me one night and we'll go out." and BRANDON was like "for sure,...gimme your number....we'll go out..." BRANDON and BLAKE are pretty hot...but BLAKE is a year younger then me and BRANDON and RYAN are a year or two older. oh well...i'm excited.

KEVIN also stopped into see me tonight, same with RAY. ick.

i stayed in my jammies ALLLLL day...till i had to go to work. hehehe

i baked my cupcakes today...i just need to frost them now.

now, it's nye nye time.

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graduation. [03 Jun 2002|01:21am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i did it. i graduated. it was awesome. i thought i was going to bawl like a baby but i didn't. i didn't cry. i got teary eyed during a few things...when KING JAMES recited words from I HOPE YOU DANCE and when they played HERE'S TO THE TONIGHT during the slide show. i <3 that song.

i smiled the whole time. the slide show was awesome. for not turning in any pics, i was in alot of them.. i never felt soo good about myself before. when we were out in the hall, we were just messing around and when they called each of our names...wow. it was awesome. my mom screamed for me.

backstage before, it was chaos. we were all running around talking, taking pictures...we weren't standing in our rows or anything. lol. it was awesome. some parents came back, i didn't know they were allowed other wise i would have had mine come back.

afterwards was ten times worse though. MASS PEOPLE YO! we couldn't move.

i actually got my diploma in my folder. they gave them to us, well, those of us that weren't considered to have behavioral problems. i thought i was one of them for sure since i stormed his office. after we got them and went to our seats, we all were looking at them. we didn't here the next 15 people called...LOL.

i spent the rest of the day wondering...did i take this day to the fullest? i mean, i felt bad because i didn't look for my parents and i didn't look to see how many people were actually there. i didn't take as many pics as i wanted. i didn't say congrats and hug as many people as i wanted. it was jsut alot of stuff.

weird..no more homework. i keep feeling like there's something for me to do. i don't grasp that that was the end. no more school. not next year.

but it feels so empty without out me.

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